full name + andrea joy telesca

nickname(s) + andi, drea, aj

age and dob + 23 + March 28, 1992

place of birth + sleepy hollow, new york

current location + sleepy hollow, new york.

occupation + registered nurse

relationship status + single

family members Dominick "Dom" Telesca (father; mechanic)
Angelica "Angie" Telesca née Delgado (mother; owner of Benvenuti)
Joseph "Joey" Telesca (brother; tech sergeant-air force)

Just what your future holds...

....tHE BABY OF THE FAMILY + born a week later than expected; Andrea Joy proved to be a stubborn little thing from the very beginning. Big brown eyes watched with avid curiosity as her older siblings went about their daily lives. Initially she mimicked other family members in an effort to be like them. The trend would continue straight until her second birthday when her own personality seemed to bloom and develop. Quiet and determined were later added to the list of words that would describe the youngest Telesca. Though she liked to play in the mud and have fun with her brothers, she also liked the girly side of things that her sister had to offer as well.

...REBELLION OR LACK THEREOF + rebellion wasn not really in her bones. She obeyed the rules her parents put in place and never gave much of a second thought to it. Her friends (if they could be called that) were constantly teasing and pushing her to do things that would land her in trouble. She quietly refused and eventually went her own way. The most she ever did to get a shock-value reaction from her parents was dye her hair various colors. Pink, blue, green, and purple were just some of the colors that were streaked in her hair every now and then. By the time she was a junior in high school the colors were forgotten about and she went blonde for a few months-as much fun as she had? She preferred the brunette look. Now the most she does to her hair is blond streaks when she's feeling like a little color is needed. That doesn't stop her from thinking about going back to the purple every now and then.

...KKG (Eta Pi) & COLLEGE + Believe it or not she was not always as vivacious and confident as she is now. Quiet determination got her through high school and it worked well for her—she was happy in what her school life had offered. Yet when she stepped foot on the NYU campus she knew that a change was desperately needed. The quiet girl was going to get eaten alive if she did not find a way to break out of her shell. A friend, who was also looking for a change, talked her into looking at Kappa Kappa Gamma. It was love at first meet; there were no second thoughts when she rushed. It was during sophomore year that the shell finally broke and she finally felt comfortable in her own skin. She is still active with her chapter and does her part to help out in anyway she can.

...NURSING MAJOR + during her junior year of high school angie telesca became pregnant again. the thought of a little brother or sister excited the family. they instantly started to prepare a room and gather everything needed for the newest telesca. andrea was at work when the phone rang and she was told that her mother had miscarried. rather than finishing out her shift, she clocked out and went to the hospital. sitting by her mother's side after was one of the hardest things she had ever had to deal with up until that point in her life. it was a heavy blow for the entire family and by the time things had healed, she had decided she wanted to be a nurse. so that she could help others.

...MOVING OUT ON HER OWN. + initially she had planned to live with her parents while she finished school. that changed after her freshman year was over and she wanted a little more freedom. her father was the first to side with her, three weeks later her mother finally came on board. together they found a place that was affordable and semi-close to both home and school. the condition of her freedom came in the form of weekly meals. something that was easy to do since eating out was not only expensive but got old rather quickly. though she's no longer "required" to show up once a week, she still does. for her it keeps the bonds strong and she is able to check in on her parents and siblings.

...AROUND OTHERS & FRIENDSHIPS + despite breaking the proverbial shell in college, she still has her moments. around new people she can seem quiet and shy. it takes a few times hanging out and talking before she really opens up and lets people in. once she does, though, you are in. she's the type that wants to try and experience new things, even if they scare the hell out of her. loyal and encouraging, she tries not to dwell on the negatives in life. The only time that she's not the shy/quiet girl on a first meet is when she's working. then she knows that people are depending on her and she can't sit back, watch, and decide if she wants to know a person better.

... UNLUCKY IN LOVE + Relationships, romantically speaking, crash and burn! For the first few months she's good and then she starts to look for the cracks-the flaws in whomever she might be dating at the time. Her friends groan when they hear the phrase, "Things are going too well…" It's the first tell-tale sign that things are about to go south. The longest relationship to date is a six month fling that happened while she was in college. They were great together and she cared about him deeply but that didn't stop that little voice from picking the relationship to death. She hopes to find the guy that quiets that voice and makes it longer than six months. Until then she's happily doing her own thing. She's done the friends with benefits thing twice and hasn't decided if she will go there again or not.

...SECRET DREAMS + Other than finding the right guy, she dreams of opening her own practice someday. Though no one knows about it (yet) there are tons of ideas and little sketches that show how she wants it to look. The notebook all her plans are in is always with her and never far from her reach. Inspiration strikes anywhere and she simply wants to get it all down before she forgets it. As far as physically doing anything about it? She's only looked at available spaces and talked to the bank about what type of loans she could get. In the back of her mind she knows that she could ask her parents/family for help but she's trying not to do that. When the place is finally open she wants to be able to look back and know that she was the one that put in the work and it simply wasn’t handed to her.

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oh c'mon let your guard down...

LIKES: dance, subtle challenges, singing/karaoke, pizza, cowboy boots, stiletto heels, flip flops, walks in the rain, random kisses, hugs from behind, thunderstorms, snow, heat lightening, wine

DISLIKES: bullshit, drama, intolerance, spiders, liars, cheaters, cocky men, blind dates, ramen noodles, nail chewing, cooking, doing the dishes, being too cold.

+ fuctions better when she's had a cup of tea. rarely goes for coffee but when she does, she's wired.

+ is extremely active and keeps in shape with boxing, dancing, and running. she got into boxing after visiting her brother.

+ has been in love with dance since she was four and took classes for the first time.

+ is obsessed with Friends, the constellations/stars, sunsets, Sons of Anarchy. The Walking Dead, Dancing with the Stars

+ failed her driver's test the first time. for a few months after she got her license she wouldn't drive anywhere-now she's more confident behind the wheel.

pb: selena gomez + journal + drop box + ftb or adult.
open to random scenes, ooc talk and plotting. + cst. + credit